In What Ways Can the Keno System Help Your Online Casino Business? 

The installation of a Keno system in a casino or betting shop has the potential to multiply the establishment’s revenue. 

In any business, there are two ways to increase sales: bring in more new customers or increase the size of existing customers’ orders. Both of these approaches are viable. In the lottery world, Keno is a fantastic option for both of these. Keno is a type of rapid draw number game that allows players to place small bets while still having a chance to win a large sum of money. Players can also play multiple games at the same time. According to behavioral science research, the possibility of winning a large sum of money is the single most appealing aspect of gambling. Losing is not a deterrent, but rather an incentive to continue playing to make up for previous losses. Keno is a fast-paced game with results revealed in a matter of minutes. Because Keno is such a fast-paced game with the possibility of a high return on low investment, it makes the game more exciting for the player and helps attract more customers to the establishment, as one of Dusane Infotech’s customers discovered after implementing the Keno system. Dusane Infotech developed Keno. 

What Is the Keno System, Exactly? 

The Keno system is a complete hardware and software solution for playing the Keno game. It is used to take part in the game. It is feasible to implement it in establishments ranging in size from the smallest to the largest. Dusane’s Keno software is intended for use in casinos as well as betting shops, where it can also be installed. It allows for easy scalability, allowing it to be easily expanded to meet the growing needs of the business and organization. Dusane deploys the Keno system on a variety of different points of sale (POS), including betting POS, mobile POS, tablets, and more. The game is already loaded on these point-of-sale terminals, so players can place their bets and get their tickets almost immediately. There are also digital displays installed on the casino floor, where the results of the draws are displayed. The system was designed to maximize both entertainment and money spent in the casino by encouraging maximum participation from players. 

Sales Increase on Two Fronts 

The goal of the Keno system is to not only encourage current players to increase the number of bets they place but also to attract new players. This is made possible by the portable system, which allows wagers to be placed from any location on the casino floor while also participating in other games. The primary goal of a Keno system is to make the Keno game available to as many people as possible on a casino’s gaming floor. Because players can play two games at the same time, the house’s advantage is multiplied many times over. In a large casino, for example, a tablet point-of-sale system can be used. A runner moves around the casino floor with pre-loaded tablets and a mobile printer to accept bets from customers seated at game tables, slot machines, or at the bar in this system. This feature allows players to continue playing the game they are currently playing while also playing Keno. When one considers the enormous advantage that the house has in the game of Keno, it is easy to imagine the enormous boost that the Keno system provides to the business. 

The system can be implemented across a wide range of contact channels, including POS Terminals, Self-service Terminals (SSTs), the Web/Internet, and Mobile Devices, allowing for an even higher volume of play (SMS and downloadable). In this way, the Keno system develops both of the previously discussed avenues of sales growth, namely the addition of customers as well as an increase in ticket values. 

One can only speculate on the number of wagers placed each day and the resulting house share. Furthermore, unlike other games, Keno allows players to win a significant amount of money with a relatively small investment. A player, for example, can bet as little as ten dollars and still have a chance to win a thousand dollars. As a result, the total amount wagered on Keno by a single player is significantly higher than the amount wagered on slot machines. The allure of Keno is precisely in this aspect. 

Complete Procedures and Methods 

The manager does not need to be concerned about any of the minor details because the system handles them all. This makes the game more enjoyable for the players. To begin, the Keno system allows you to use either a virtual or physical ball draw device. Players can choose between the two. This is important in situations where the players must physically draw the ball. The system is simple to incorporate into either of the two procedures. 

It provides management with access to a comprehensive reporting system, which is advantageous from the manager’s perspective. Staff users can access the administration interface, which offers a variety of options for configuring the game as well as various reports. The management can cantor accounts and set credit control parameters to prevent Operator fraud or default. Furthermore, it manages the transaction system, which is the most important aspect of the game from the standpoint of both the players and the casino. To name a few of its many functions, the Transaction system is in charge of processing everything from bets to validations to reporting to ticket management and accounting. It does so in a secure manner, ensuring the honesty and openness of the gaming operation, which includes every transaction and the data associated with them. 


The deployment is also completed quickly and without incident. The tablet system described earlier was put into operation in a real-world setting in a little more than a week in the case study that Dusane has available. It is also very user-friendly, allowing casino employees to easily manage the system without encountering any difficulties. It accomplishes this by relying on open standards such as XML and web services, which make it simple to integrate with other companies systems. This indicates that no significant changes to the existing configuration and infrastructure are required. 

Flexibility in gameplay to keep players interested 

Another important factor influencing the players is the flexibility of the bets. Because of its adaptability, the system can accommodate a wide range of wagers. If adjustments are required, the system allows for changes to payouts, margins, and jackpot contributions. This keeps the game’s interest level high, which keeps the players engaged. Because each player’s number selection is unique, the goal is to create a system that is as adaptable as humanly possible to accommodate a wide range of play styles. Based on his years of experience, Duane can provide the guidance required to set up the payoffs and various types of bets to maximize player satisfaction. The players must believe that the system allows them to select lucky numbers that will bring them the most success. 

Aside from that, it can accommodate other games such as bingo and the lottery, allowing the casino to keep the players interested and eager for more. Shortly, Dusane will launch a brand new gaming platform that will consolidate all game categories into a single location, including Lotto, Keno, Digit, Virtuals, Electronic Casino – Card / Slots, and Sports. 

The Keno system allows the casino to tap players who are not currently in the betting area or who are playing other games, increasing the betting value of those players. Building on the inherent characteristics of the game, the system is designed to be reliable enough to play fast games, thereby increasing the daily betting value. The Keno system brings all of these elements together, resulting in a significant increase in your earnings. 

The History of Dusane Infotech 

Dusane Infotech has established itself as an authority in the field of providing technological solutions for the online gaming industry, with over a decade of experience and turnkey implementation of gaming solutions in 25 countries across four continents. Our clients can rely on us to provide comprehensive, reliable, and integrated lottery operational setup and rollout consulting services. We have worked in almost all of Africa’s gambling-friendly countries, including Chad, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Recognizing the African continent’s potential, we have developed a specialization in this field. Its online Keno System is based on its proprietary BATS betting system and has been implemented successfully for several clients who are completely satisfied with the service.