Playing Online Craps

Craps is one of the oldest forms of gambling around today. This is because it makes use of standard cubic dice which, as everyone knows, are the oldest known gambling implements. Dice have been around since before the time of Christ and were in fact present at the crucifixion.

Today craps is one of the most popular games in the casino, but to those who do not know how to play, it is also one of the most intimidating, just because craps tables are normally very loud and surrounded by lots of people. Craps players feel the need to let everyone know what is happening at the table.

Learning how to play craps is easier than you may think but to understand all the permutations could take a long time. Learning enough about craps to get started will take about five minutes of your time. The most simple and important bet at a craps table is the “passline” bet and it offers you a fairly good chance of winning. The first roll of the dice by the “Shooter” (the person nominated to roll the dice) is known as the “coming out roll”, should the dice end up on a seven or eleven this is an automatic win.

However, should the dice land on a two, three or twelve this would be an automatic lose. Here is where the fun begins. If the “shooter” rolls anything else, namely six, five, four eight, nine ten, then this is known as the “pointer”.

The “shooter” will continue to roll until one of two things happen: either, the “pointer” comes up, and then all “passline” bets will be winners; or if a seven or eleven comes up before the “pointer” then all “passline” bets will be losers.

These are the very basics of learning how to play craps. There are approximately 50 other betting variations in the game but they can be easily picked up as you are learning the game of craps. Casinos have realised just how popular craps is becoming and they now encourage people to learn craps by offering free lessons at most casinos

Craps is a simple and accessible game whose popularity extends far beyond the casinos. The popularity of craps is played from some of the most prestigious casinos, to the dusty streets of some of the country’s poorest communities (where it is commonly referred to as “ama-dice”). The popularity of craps lies primarily in its simplicity: All you need to play craps is a pair of dice, and players simply place wagers as to what number the player will roll. The primary difference between street and casino versions of craps is the fact that at Casinos, the wager is against the house, and not on the opposing gambler as it is in the street version.

The casino version of the game is commonly referred to as “Bank Craps”. This version dictates that a multitude of players place a wager against the casino/house. The shooter (the player who shoots the dice) is offered 5 dice, of which she/he may choose only two. It is for the casino to choose how much value will be placed on each roll.

The round is divided into two segments: The first is the “coming out” segment: In this segment, the shooter must roll a 7 or 11 in order to have won the pass-line bet. However, should they roll a 2, 3 or 12, they would have lost. It is only once they have one the pass-line bet that they may proceed to the “point” segment, which will indicate which number the shooter must roll in order to win the round. This number must either be four, five, six, eight, or nine, and should they roll a seven, they will automatically have lost that round. The shooter is then replaced (at the end of the round) by the next person in the clockwise position.

The “pass” and “don’t pass” lines are indicated by a line drawn on the table. To place their bets, players position their chips on their particular portion of the table.
The appeal of craps has not only extended beyond income lines, but also beyond generations. It’s simplicity and pace are what make for an experience that will continue to keep craps players enthralled for years to come.

Downloading Craps To Play On Your Computer

The online version of craps can be downloaded for free from a number of different online sources; generally it only takes a click or tow to begin the downloading process. Once the software has been downloaded to your desktop you can then click on the desktop shortcut icon to play the game. There are also versions that can be launched directly from your browser, these versions are gaining in popularity because they do not need to be downloaded in order to play.

Whenever you decide to play online craps, either launched from the downloaded software package from your desktop, or simply through your internet browser, you are in fact making use of the latest in craps software. The idea behind craps software is simple, to simulate a real casino environment as closely as possible. In order to create the illusion of a real land based casino, craps software developers use the very latest in digital gaming technology to create what is known as a craps software simulator.

There are many new players who are not sure if the online version of craps is the same as the real version. The fact is that there is no difference between online craps or virtual craps and real, or land based craps. The rules are exactly the same as is the actual game play. The method of betting on online craps tables is also exactly the same as real craps table betting is in a real casino. This is because the whole point of creating an online craps software simulator is to make it look as realistic and as close to real craps as possible.

There is however one major difference between the real land based casino version and the online version of craps, this relates to the way in which the dice is thrown. In real craps a shooters throws or rolls the dice but in the online version this is simulated by the computer software. This can be alarming for many new comers to the online game but in order to make sure that every single throw of the dice is in fact completely random, all craps software features random number generators. Random number generators ensure that all throws are random based on certain complex algorithms.

Street Craps

Street Craps also referred to as ghetto craps or shooting dice. Is a version of casino craps that is played amongst friends without the benefit of a real craps table! Street Craps is considered illegal, because of the way it was played in the late 1900’s on the street and sidewalks

The term Floating Craps refers to an illegal operation of the dice game craps. The term ‘floating’ refers to the practice of the game’s operators using portable tables and equipment to quickly move the game from location to location to stay ahead of the law enforcement authorities.

Why do sites offer free craps games? There’s a few reasons – if the site you play your free craps on is an online casino, they’re doing it to gently lure players to their electronic tables, and who can blame them? Perhaps there’s a little kindness at work too. They offer a free game to help new players who may be wary of betting their money on an unfamiliar game.

Many non casino sites offer free online craps to attract visitors to their site. The all important advertising dollar is the typical reason for free craps in this situation, and everyone benefits. While very few visitors to online casino who play online craps games actually realize that by simply visiting the site they will be making money for the sites administrator.

Craps is a game that is all about the dice and their numbers. It is a game that has been played for centuries and will likely continue to be played well into the future. The game has secured its place in the future with the introduction to online craps in the last couple years. More people are logging on and being introduced to the game, or simply experiencing it in a more modern and accessible manner. While playing online craps is a very enjoyable and accessible pastime South Africans should remember that all forms of online casinos and online gambling is illegal in South Africa and that by playing any game at an online casino they are actually breaking the law.

Playing Craps Online

There are literally thousands of online casino sites all of which offer the user the opportunity to play the various games found in casinos. One of the most exciting games which one can play for free online is craps. While the rules may seem a little tricky at first, once you learn how to play craps you’ll find that it’s very easy to get into the flow of things and get going. Having the right craps strategy is important, however, there are some bets which have odds which drastically favour the house. Find out what kinds of bets you can make, which ones favour the house more, and which favour the house less. Having these skills will make you a better craps player.

If you’ve never played craps at a real casino then playing it at online craps sites may offer you a good opportunity to learn. Some of these sites even give you the chance to play for free so you can learn without having to put money on the table. Finding the right site for free online play is easy as there are many online craps sites out there.

For some, gambling online may seem to be a risky endeavour and many are reluctant to jump into the online betting scene. Some online casinos are known to be dubious and avoid paying out winnings. However, there is a safe way to go about testing if the various online casinos do promise to pay out their winnings. The same goes for online craps sites. All you have to do is find an online site which offers free bonus cash when you register. This will give you the chance to test the casino, and also to learn a trick or two about how to play craps. Craps rules will quickly become a cinch and soon will be on your way to boosting your chances of winning. Free online craps will teach you the ins and outs of playing craps, your strategy will develop and your knowledge of the dice odds will improve. Soon you’ll be on a hot streak drawing crowds to your table.

Playing casino Craps

Craps is a casino game of chance that involves the wagering on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice. In casino Craps, sometimes called Table Craps, multiple players bet against the casino. A game of Craps, like other popular casino games, can be played on the internet in one of the many online casinos. The rules remain the same, and the only difference is that someone playing online Craps can play by themselves, with the computer acting as the dealer. There are websites and online tutorials that are useful when someone is considering learning how to play Craps. These simple articles go beyond the basics of the game, and offer different gaming advice and tips to help players play Craps. By reading these articles, a new player may learn things like how to calculate Craps odds and understand betting procedures and strategies.

Many Craps casinos allow users to play for free as practice in order to better learn the game before placing a bet. Once a player is accustomed to playing Craps online, he or she may join one of the many Craps tournaments online. Here, they play against other players on their own computers. This type of Craps game offers higher monetary rewards for players than single player Craps. Playing Craps online can be better suited for someone new to playing Craps. This is largely due to the fact that most online casinos have very low betting thresholds on the Craps games, which a novice may find appealing. This is due to the fact that a player on a low-betting casino game can only incur small losses per game, and conversely, small gains. Each online casino has a different payout for each bet a player makes, and a player looking for good returns would do well to visit one of the many online casino review guides before playing to find a casino that has high payouts. These websites are also able to help a player to find the best deals and bonuses available.

How To Reduce Your Odds Of Losing

Whether you are a highly experienced veteran of craps in land based casinos or a brand new craps player it is always handy to learn a few tips that you may not have heard about yet. The game of craps is based on both experience and strategy as well as on luck. In terms of experience, a strategy can be devised which is based on the odds of certain combinations of the dice when they are rolled.

It is important to know how to place bets in craps because each and every craps bet its own specific has set of winning odds as well as a house edge percentage. The house edge percentage is a percentage of how much advantage the house has over you on certain outcomes. Some bets have a higher house edge while others have a lower house edge; generally it makes more sense to make bets with a lower house edge than a higher one. If you are playing online craps you will automatically have some advantages on your side.

For one thing, with online craps you can make use of certain online craps simulators or free craps games to practice. This is a great advantage because it will allow you to make mistakes and experiment with different betting combinations without the risk of actually losing any money. You can also see the results of certain outcomes and how the house edge works.

The point of creating winning craps strategies is so that you do not lose more than you win based on odds of certain outcomes. This means knowing what the odds are on every possible outcome which in turn helps to avoid certain bets. One of the most important elements of any craps strategy is to avoid the proposition box. Proposition bets have an extremely high house advantage and that is why they need to be avoided at all times. The trap is that more often than not the propositions bets have high pay outs which the house counts on attracting player’s bets.

As is the case when playing any casino game, always pre-determine your bankroll first and decide exactly how much playing money you can afford. It’s essential with any casino game that you learn to play with your head rather than let your emotions guide your betting decisions. With this in place, the first rule when playing craps is to always understand the different odds and craps bets before you begin. No matter whether you play in a land-based casino or online, each craps game will have its own winning odds and house advantage so that players will find some craps games to be more in their favour than others. Therefore, it is prudent to shop around and compared different craps games before deciding where to wager your money. Because the skill of craps is based on how well you able to place the right bets, is goes without saying that you need to have a very good understanding of the different bets that can be played.

Part of the skill with playing online craps is not only know which bets to place but also which bets to avoid because some will offer low odds. Keep an eye out for the props box, i.e. the proposition area. When you find it make it a rule to always, always avoid it! Usually you will be able to find it in the middle of the craps table but because they typically have such a high house advantage it’s always best to stay away from them. While the payouts can appear quite high – which is why some players are drawn to them – with the house having such a high advantage they are simply not worth it. These conclude some tips to keep in mind to help you lose less and win more at craps. Practice what you learn about craps by playing online on free-versions where no real money is involved before risking your hard earned cash.

How to Make the Most of the Best Craps Bonuses Online

For those who are familiar with onlie gambling will know the thrill and excitement that can come from playing your favourite casino game online. Aside from the more obvious advantages such as heightened covenience and better accessibility there are also other features that casino players can only fully experience once they get involved in the online gambling scene themselves. One of the more lucrative advantages are bonuses. To help you make the most of the best craps bonuses online, you need to know how to find them first. These guidelines will help you get started.

Playing craps online is made that much more exciting when the prospect of bonuses comes into the picture, which it frequently can online. Online gambling continues to grow at an incredible rate and so the competition is growing with it. This results in many casinos offering more exciting and attractive bonuses to its players – both for existing or new users. Bonuses have become an integral way in which online casinos establish a more solid position within the industry, setting themselves apart from their competitiors. This means that as a keen craps playing finding the best craps bonuses won’t be hard but choosing the right ones will require a bit of scrutiny on your part.

Remember, because the house edge in craps is pretty minimal, playing with a craps bonus can work in your favour quite significantly so you want to make sure you choose the best craps bonuses around.

There are many types of bonuses including welcom bonuses, sign-up bonuses, match bonuses, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. Suffice to say that the no-deposit bonus is the most widely sought after because players are not required to put down any of their own money before being able to collect the free playing credit. While these are not as freely available as other types of bonuses, there are casinos that have them on offer so it is worth your while to look around and not give up too easily. Before choosing any craps bonus make sure you read the fine print and understand exactly where the limitations are. With these tips in mind on how to make the most of the best craps bonuses online, good luck and above all have a great time playing!