Online slots are quite possibly the most popular casino game available. In traditional land based casinos slot machines will generally occupy more than fifty percent of any casinos floor space. It is also no surprise then to learn that online slots are the most popular online casino game available. This is because slots are really easy to play and are a great deal of fun. Slot machines are colourful and have lots of lights and sound effects to keep you well entertained while you win money playing them.

If you have never played slots either in a land based casino or online then there are a few basics that you need to know about before you start playing. Firstly know the slot machine that you are about to play, understand the rules, the number of pay lines as well as the minimum and maximum number of coins allowed. It is also a good idea to check out all the popular slot machines. The reason that popular slot machines are better to play on is because there are usually a higher number of coins already in them. This means that if you get the right combination of symbols the pay-out will be higher.

It is really important that you always practice responsible gambling. Before you walk into a casino or decide to play online create a budget.

This budget should be money that you have allocated purely for the purposes of gambling. Whatever this amount is you should stick to it and not go over it under any circumstances.

Most slot machines have a n umber of different coin denominations that you can play with. This is really great if your budget is really limited because you can still play your favourite slots with smaller coin denominations which will last longer. Another very handy way to make your money last longer is to play single line slot machines only. Single line slot machines are single pay out machines but for every coin that you deposit and every spin you make you are automatically eligible for the jackpot.

Another kind of slot machine is the progressive slot machines. These are extremely popular because their pay out potential can be huge. It is a good idea to do the opposite here to single line slot machines or low denomination machines and that is to pay the maximum every time. This is because with progressive slot machines you need to play whatever the coins required are in order to qualify for the jackpot. Bonus slots are a bit like progressive slots except that there are different kinds of bonuses on offer on every spin as opposed to a big potential pay out.


Slots are games that require a lot of luck, but are very easy to play and the money that you get back from them if you win can be jackpot life changing. There are many different online slots which are all activated by a spin button in the game. Slots involve a game in chance with matching symbols on mechanical reels or reels shown on the game screen. Once you have placed your bet you will push a button activate the spinning of the different objects, at each particular online slot game.

Online slots work on many different combinations which are on the face of the machine and this will show you how much is won in each different combination.

Every time you activate the slots, you will notice that there is a digital screen which will show you the actual amount of money left that you have to play.

Slots are really fun to play as they keep you on the edge of your seat as you never know if you are going to win anything, but you keep on trying. You must look around for different slots as some of them have bonus features which will increase your winnings and make playing something to look forward to.

Online Slot Guide For US Players

Your guide to online slots is something that is inside you and all you need is to have a basic idea of what you need to create your own basic guide to online slot machines. If you have played a slot game you can master playing online slot machine games.

The beauty about online slot machines is that you do not need much skill or knowledge to master the game other than luck and picking the right online game to decide to play. The first thing you need to know about online slots is that there are thousands of games online that you can choose to play as well as thousands of online facilities that provide players with games to access. In addition to this there are equally as many sites that provide players both amateurs and experts with basic guides of how to play online slots.

Secondly you need to know and any basic guide will tell you is that you need to have the money to start playing the game. Some sites will try and lure you with bonuses where you can multiply your winning which is always a good thing and any good guide will advise you to take it. Can you imagine, that someone once told you that there is nothing like a free lunch, clearly they did not know about bonuses but also all the free basic guide tips on online slots.

Like with anything you find online you need to take it with a pinch and sometimes a bag of salt as you do not know who create the basic guide you are reading to online slots. What you want to do to learn more about online slots is to read as many guides to online slots from basic guides to expert guides and firstly note who has written then and try and see how many times they have been on the leader board as well and cut and paste things that you think will work for you and take their tips and create your own unique basic guide to online slots with your own flare.

Once in a while live on the dangerous side and join a high bidding game with the experts, no this is not so that you can learn from the loss but that when you start to play the game regardless of how many players are online and the number of years they have, when you start you all start with an equal opportunity to win. Ask lady luck to be with you and go wild and see what works for you and in turn create your own basic guide to online slots. Win and share this with others and encourage others to join and experience the thrill of playing and also creating their own basic guide to online slots.

Slot Machine Overview

All slot machines are built in the same way and there are features that can be found on all slot machines; the slot into which coins are thrown in, the flashing lights and the lever or button that is required to get the reels spinning. The fact that essentially one slot machine looks just like the one next to it and the one next to that should mean that all slot machines are the same. Yes, in this respect all slot machines but those who are more knowledgeable would argue that there are different types of slot machines and in actual fact there are certain factors that make the one different from the other and as such it is important to gain an understanding of what it is that makes the one slot machine from the other before making the choice as to which slot machine to play. They go on to stipulate that it is possible for pretty much any one to pick up on the art of reading a slot machine and as a result being able to identify the different types of slot machines.

The different types of slot machines there are as follows:

  • Progressive slot machines are those where a predetermined percentage of the money that is played is set aside for the jackpot payout. What this means is that there is an impact on those who win smaller amounts in that because it is necessary to ensure that there will be funds available for the jackpot payout, the smaller payouts are lessened somewhat.
  • Buy-a-pay machines are not very well known but in essence different coin values will mean different payout amounts therefore the highest coin value will secure the player the largest possible payout.
  • There are multiple pay line slot machines which in the past would have three pay lines but in this day and age that number can be as many as nine. A multiple pay line machine basically works such that a different coin value will activate a different pay line so it is necessary to activate the applicable pay line in order to rake in any winnings.

Where is lady luck when you play Slot Machine Games

Slot machines games are very exciting games and generally are low risk games are you determine how much you want to bet. You are in control of this, well unless lady luck is not on your side, which is known to happen every once in a while. Slot machines have evolved over time, from having to pull down a handle to some where all you need do is press a button and the spinning can start.

Generally playing slot machines requires making a trip to an authorised establishment that is supplied by the slot machine companies, the reason why you want to do this is to be guaranteed that you will receive your winning. The other reality about playing slot machine games is that it is a social experience and playing slot machine games can be a good way to make friends and network. There are always at least two or three regulars who will play slot machine games and over time you get to know them but this also means that you can achieve two goals at the same time, socialise and also make money. The establishments were you can play slot machines games also normally provide alcohol which can either boast confidence or make you bold.

Due to the addictive nature of playing slot machines you will need to have some form of self-control so that you do not spend all your savings in one go. Will you play slot machines games it is advisable that you set yourself a daily limit of how much you want to spend and if it is your lucky day how much you want to win and the lowest win you are comfortable taking home with you. The slot machine game you choose will try and seduce you so that you can continue either pushing the correct buttons or pulling on the arm, it will send you encouraging messages such as “master stroke”, “I like your style”, “I would like to see that again”, “Must be your lucky day” and so on which only serves to encourage and make the player try one more time, without realising that they are losing points. How often do you get such encouraging messages?

With a variety of slot machine games, you are spoilt for choice. You can change the slot machine game you play, or you can be faithful and focus on one or two machines and learn how to make the machine play for. If you do have a favourite machine you can be cheeky and ask the patrons of your favourite establishment to reserve the machine for you. Remember practice restraint and always invite lady luck or wear your lucky item on days you want to win bit while you play slot machine games.

Play slot machine games with as little as a silver coin provides a thrill like no other. With just a silver coin you can leave with paper money. Talk to lady luck and go out and enjoy. The additional beauty other than the ability to make mega bucks if you are willing to spend time on the slot machine is that unlike other money making opportunities, you do not need much skill or knowledge to plat slot machines, you only need one free arm so that you can control the slot machine and win big.

Fruit Machines

In the UK, slot machines are referred to as fruit machines. The two are really one and the same. The objective of the game would be to place your bet and spin the reels hoping to win by hitting matching symbols in the resultant combination. While some combinations will pay out right away, others offer added bonuses or different rewards. For example, free spins and multipliers are quite common bonuses.

Is There A Different Between Fruit Machines And Slot Machines?

While fruit machines can really be considered to be the UK equivalent to the slot machine, there are a few differences that should be noted. One of the reasons why these fruit machines are quite popular is because they do allow the player to influence the game a lot more than slot machines do. This involvement in the game can give a player a much better chance of winning and will also result in more enjoyment.

The “hold” and “nudge” feature on fruit machines offer players a more interactive gaming experience. Once the reels have stopped spinning, players can choose to “hold” some of the reels and “nudge” some of the reels. For example, if the spin resulted in a combination that contained two matching symbols then you can choose to “hold” these two symbols and “nudge” the others. You may then hit some more matching symbols and walk away with some winnings.

Fruit Machines And Feature Games

It is true that there are many feature games that are available with slot machines but fruit machines offer players a lot more features games and chances to win big as a result of this. Most fruit machines will only allow players to stand a chance of winning the biggest payouts and jackpots if they manage to access the feature game.

The requirements that need to be met in order to access this feature game will differ from one fruit machine to another. Each machine will however, advise players on what exactly their specific criteria is. For example, a player may need to hit a special symbol or three of the same symbol in order to gain access to the feature game and stand a chance to win big.

Online Slots Tournaments

Slot Tournaments are the latest form of online slot machine gambling, and also the most popular as it provides all players with that longed for interaction, exciting entertainment, as well as to feed their competitive nature.

Slot machine online gambling is one of the fastest growing, evolving games in the market, globally. It has changed from dull and boring to super exciting entertainment with the most unbelievable graphics, features, rewards and audio one can ever only begin to imagine.

Online slot machines now even offer themed slots whereby a player gets to play a slot machine resembling his favourite movie, cartoon character etc. Today’s online slot machines also offer many rewards, bonuses, free games and unlimited adrenalin rushing fun.

One would assume that playing slots tournaments would be pretty difficult, but in actual fact it’s super easy.

All a player needs to do to participate in Slots tournaments is to sign up, and a slot machine will be allocated to the player to occupy at a set time for the tournament session. All players who partake in the slots tournaments each get an equal amount of credits and an equal limited amount to play.

The player then starts the second he/she receives the go ahead to begin. The maximum bet amount has to be played on each spin which then gets automatically deducted from the initial credits received. All of the player’s winnings he/she has accumulated will appear on a separate meter which will remain untouchable until the end of the game.

When the player’s time is up and the tournament has come to an end, the slot machine will automatically lock leaving all unused playing credits received as a complete loss.

The win meter’s score reading on each player’s machine is compared and used to determine the ultimate winner. 

Live Slots Tournaments

Slots is the number one gambling game to date, so it is no wonder why there is such a variety of games and tournaments. Live slot tournaments are becoming more popular and one of the coolest ways to play online slots by competing with tens of thousands of people. The game requires skills which include planning and trying to outsmart another person without being able to read their tell signs. 

Live slot tournament schedules like with any tournament have rules and guidelines for players. Prior to entering live slot tournaments make sure that you know the dos and don’ts of the tournament. In addition to knowing the guidelines to play and win, this information can be easily found online.

Online one can without a sweat find details and times of the next live slot tournament.

Live slot tournaments entail real time competition against other online slot players with the chance to win a range of prizes including cold hard cash, free entries into other tournaments, bonuses or even lavish holidays.

That the types of prizes you can win is endless, only adds to the appeal and excitement of live slot tournaments.

Unlike other games where some players have an edge over others due to increased spending power, for live slot tournaments schedules all players start with the same amount of coins to wager and hence each player at the start has an equal opportunity to win.

There is an entry fee to each tournament which must be paid with real money rather than any bonuses or credits you might have up your sleeve. One type of competition prize is a free entry into another tournament in which case you won’t be required to buy into it which makes for some risk free fun.

Live slot tournaments schedules are fun, exciting and the number one rule is always to have fun and enjoy. The best part of having fun is trying to be on the leader board and maintaining it as that means more money for you but also the bragging rights of being on top.

The bragging rights for being on the leader board is even better as at any tournament there can be as many as 1 000 players.

Which Online Slot To Play

Slot machines may seem as though they are all the same, but the discerning slots player understands exactly what makes one game very different to the next. Some slots offer more bonuses or bigger payouts, while others have more striking graphics or incredible sounds.

These days, all online slot machines are computer managed and work on a programme that allows them to spin randomly. Sometimes, these slots have been set to give players better odds, but for the most part they are all controlled by random number generators, that make the slots fairer.

Though many people claim that they have a strategy to guarantee a win at the slots, very few can actually prove this. Because of this random number generator, the game is actually entirely dependent on luck, and this means that no matter which strategy you employ, if luck is not on your side, you will not win.

Most slots are divided into classic and progressive. The classic slots are those that show quite overtly what their payout will be and they do this in coins. For example, if you wager three coins and hit the jackpot, you could win 10 000 coins back. A progressive jackpot on the other hand works on the amount of people who play it. The more people play, the bigger the jackpot becomes. Should a lucky player strike the jackpot, they will win this progressive amount, which can sometimes be millions.

Slots can be very interesting according to how they are developed and how they are themed. Though some may seem similar, anyone can tell that no two slots are alike, and by simply playing them, the more subtle difference become obvious. Though some may assume that slots are all about putting in money and pushing a button over and over, real fans know there is more to it.

Tips and Strategies to Win at Slots

Slots weren’t always as popular as they are today. In the past they were viewed as a common man’s game with low payout percentages, high wagering requirements and overall very little incentive to play. This has all changed though as the development of slots both land-based and online has resulted in slots being one of the most popular casino games played world wide generating a large portion of the turnover each year. The progressive jackpots that can be won with slots are some of the biggest in the industry and being such a simplistic game has attracted players from all over to try their luck.

Due to the sheer popularity of the game, there are many tips and tricks on the market aimed at helping players to become winners with slots. However, no matter what anyone else tells you and what you might read slots is a lucks game through and through and the one thing to always remember is to have fun. The outcomes generated when playing slots are all based on the Random Number Generator, which means that it is impossible to predict when a winning combination is going to occur. If one machine has generated a winning combination, there’s nothing to say it will or can’t do it again although some people tend to be of the impression if a machine has had a big winning it won’t generate another anytime soon. The combinations are always completely random. While this offers little room for adopting a playing strategy, there are nevertheless some tips to follow that can definitely improve your game.

Never play with more money than you can afford. Always have a strict budget in mind before you start playing. Look at the pay tables for the slots machine you want to play on; there are slots that will have bigger winnings less often or smaller winnings more often depending on the number of pay lines so decide what you would prefer. If you are playing progressive slots make sure you always bet the maximum amount otherwise you won’t have a chance of winning the jackpot. Learn about the different slots you can play including classic slots and video slots so you can decide what type of slot machine you prefer to play. Remember, the key to winning at slots is to have fun and never to go over budget. Don’t chase losses and always put away the majority of your winnings, playing only with a small portion of it. Good luck!