A Review of Leprechaun 3 The Movie

After watching the American film Leprechaun, which combines elements of comedy, fantasy, and horror, you will be in fits of laughter and have chills running down your spine. Brian Trenchard-Smith directed the film, and Mark Jones was in charge of character development. The story takes place in Las Vegas, and the protagonist is a crazed leprechaun who threatens to kill anyone who tries to steal his gold. The small green creature is constantly devising new and inventive ways to murder his victims.

The film was a commercial success and was released on home video for the first time in 1995. It has a rating of 5 out of 10, which is higher than any other film in the series. On Rotten Tomatoes, Leprechaun 3 has a viewer rating of only 34%, indicating that viewers are divided in their opinions. Some thought the film lacked enough scary moments, while others thought it had just the right balance of humor and horror.

The leprechaun is resurrected and commits his first murder

At the beginning of the film, a mysterious man missing an arm, a leg, and an eye sells a grotesque Leprechaun statue to Gupta, the proprietor of a pawnshop in Las Vegas. The figure is wearing a golden medallion around its neck, which the proprietor of the shop decides to remove despite the other person’s warning.

This brings the leprechaun to life and causes him to attack Gupta, biting off parts of his ear and toe. He is ultimately responsible for the death of the owner because he strangles him with a phone cord. When the leprechaun tries to flee the scene, he unintentionally drops one of his golden coins, which grants wishes.

Meanwhile, Scott McCoy, a college student who recently relocated to Las Vegas, meets and falls in love with Tammy. He offered to drive her to her job at the Lucky Shamrock Casino because her vehicle was having problems. Scott decides to go to the nearest pawnshop to sell his Rolex watch in exchange for some quick cash after betting all of his money on Roulette in the casino and losing it all.

When Scott arrives at the pawnshop, he discovers Gupta’s lifeless body on the floor and contacts the authorities immediately. He is granted one wish when he later takes the coin from the leprechaun without realizing it. On the computer next to him on the counter, it said that in Irish folklore, a single wish can grant a mortal anything and that it is permanent. Scott laughs to himself as he hears this and wishes for a string of victories.

Following that, the coin’s magic teleports Scott back to the casino, where he immediately begins a winning streak and realizes his wish has come true. Loretta and Fazio, two casino employees, were later held responsible for the coin’s disappearance. Scott, on the other hand, is assaulted by the leprechaun while attempting to flee with his gold coin. Their blood becomes mixed as a result, and Scott ends up throwing the leprechaun out the hotel window, but the leprechaun survives the fall.

A Homicide Crusade by a Leprechaun

Wishes are made with the coin as it is passed around by Mitch, the Lucky Shamrock’s owner, along with Loretta and Fazio. Mitch goes up to Tammy’s room in order to fulfill his desire for sexual encounters with her. Loretta steals the gold coin from Tammy while they are kissing. Tammy is able to break free from the enchantment and leave the room as a result of this.

The leprechaun then enters the room and uses his magic to turn on the television. A woman who appears to be Tammy appears and immediately starts calling Mitch’s name. She appears from the television and kisses Mitch, at which point Mitch hears the leprechaun’s voice and looks up. When he turns to look at the woman, she transforms into a robot and shocks him to death.

Loretta is the following victim on the list. Loretta makes a wish in Fazio’s dressing room to have the body she had when she was 20 years old, and her wish is granted. The Leprechaun then appears and asks Loretta for his coin, but she informs him that she no longer has it. He works himself up into a rage before grossly enlarging her breasts, lips, and buttocks.

Loretta sobs uncontrollably as she makes her way through an open door to escape the leprechaun. She tries to force herself through, but her bloated body parts prevent her as she becomes wedged between its frame. Finally, the doorframe shattering into small pieces is what causes her to explode, resulting in her tragic demise.

Soon after, Fazio, who now possessed the coin, declared his desire to be the most powerful magician in the entire world. The leprechaun appears at some point during the performance, and the audience assumes he is a part of the act. He puts Fazio in a box, and despite Fazio’s restraint, the audience is adamant that they want to see the saw trick.

Fazio longs for Caesar’s Palace because he is aware that the leprechaun possesses a real chainsaw and intends to saw him in half. His second wish will not be granted because he has already used one of the wishes that the coin can grant. In front of the terrified crowd, the leprechaun then saws him in half.

Tammy and Scott have arrived and are yelling at the people to leave for their own safety. Following their departure, Scott engages the leprechaun in combat and sets fire to the pot of gold, resulting in the leprechaun exploding into flames and Scott regaining his human form.

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